Josie Beale Age 10

Mercia Marina

 Art Competition



...... an ever popular part of the festival weekend, with more and more ingenious photo clues for people to unravel. 

We have also run a "my postcard from Willington" competition and for the second year the "Festival Folk" competition has proved popular with over 26 entries.

We are also pleased to exhibit the entries to the annual Mercia Marina art competition and provide the opportunity for people to vote for their favourite piece of work.

Dave Tattersall  Adult

Lilley Lilley, Words

Barbara Wain

Visual Arts (Amateur)

Thanks to all those who took part

Ian Coulton


David Tattersall Visual Arts (Professional)



Naheed Chatha

​Recognising artistic ability





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Freya Garrett

Visual Arts (Juniors)

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